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Office of the CIO – IT Annual Performance Report


Bask Iyer – VMware


Increasing Business Agility Through Digital Transformation – IT Annual Performance Report

Like most global IT organizations, the past twelve months were full of opportunity, learning, and achievement. VMware IT had a major impact on launching innovative initiatives, improving the quality of collaboration throughout the company, ideating on product development, and introducing infrastructure programs to complement app modernization. I am honored to be part of a team focused on efficiency, agility, and resiliency, as well as a company whose philosophy is around people and process first, followed by technology.

With our fiscal year coming to a close, I am honored to release our third annual report—“Increasing Business Agility Through Digital Transformation.”  As we review our progress of the past year, we wish to share our experiences and learnings with industry leaders and fellow IT organizations. Digital transformation was one of our goals for 2019 and is an area in which we have made outstanding progress and achievements. Within digital transformation, we focused on the following:

  • Embracing new ways of operating—how can we accelerate and enable an internal transformation while delivering continuous innovation to customers?
  • Creating an agile enterprise through app modernization—how are we transforming our business to accommodate marketplace changes and shifting customer, partner, and colleague demand?
  • Building on an infrastructure primed for transformation—how did we enable an infrastructure to support our journey of becoming a true SaaS company?
  • Transforming business through IT innovation—how do we provide innovative product offerings that deliver tangible results?

In addition to our strides toward digital transformation, we continue our commitment to investing in employees, evolving the customer experience, increasing environmental sustainability, and providing value to shareholders.

Last year VMware was named to the Fortune Future 50, and the Forbes World’s Best Employers List and America’s Most JUST Companies by Forbes and JUST Capital for the third year in a row. Having been recognized for our solid long-term growth potential, innovation, and efforts to ‘do well by doing good,’ it has been a fantastic year to be a part of VMware.

I invite you to read our IT annual report for further insights into our success in 2019 as well as a look ahead to 2020. I welcome your feedback on our third annual report. If you enjoyed this report, use the sharing links above to share with your colleagues.

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