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Speed & Simplicity With Confidence: VMworld 2021 Sessions for CIOs

Learn more about technology solutions to speed and simplify business at scale at VMworld 2021.

VMworld 2021 shows leaders how to speed and simplify business at scale

To scale at an enterprise, leaders must be confident that their technology will grow with them. Change is certain, and innovating with flexibility and agility as key design principles is becoming the norm. Industry and customer demands are constantly one-upping themselves, making for a frenetic business landscape that’s too dynamic for legacy apps, outdated infrastructure, and static security models. Speed and modularity are key to shortening innovation timelines in pursuit of differentiated solutions. Velocity and agility are only constrained by the speed of software. Your ability to leverage software in all aspects of your business and operations is where competitive advantage is optimized. 

VMworld 2021 will host over 900 sessions, but the four sessions outlined below are geared toward CIOs and technology leaders looking to accelerate innovation initiatives securely, while having the capability to rapidly pivot as market demands warrant. VMworld sessions for CxOs not only look at the complexities you face as you look to get the most out of your investments in cloud, modern apps, digital workspaces, and security, but also offer a pragmatic lens backed by examples from your peers on how to successfully move forward. 

Cloud and apps

Every company in the 21st century is a software company. Customers and employees everywhere expect a seamless digital experience, which starts with a company’s cloud and app setup. CIOs must modernize their current cloud and apps and ensure whatever new technology is scalable. For example, privacy by design in apps prepares teams to quickly implement new security requirements. When investing in cloud and app solutions, avoid features that are “bolted on.” Rigid features slow down teams when there’s a quick pivot in industry, customer, and competition demands.

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram and President Sumit Dhawan will lead Accelerating Innovation: Strategies for Winning Across Clouds and Apps [GEN3103]. The session will cover practical information and inspiration on how to leverage apps and cloud to speed business operations that ultimately improve the customer experience. 

Distributed work experience

2020 demanded agility, and IT teams rose to the challenge, transitioning knowledge workers to completely remote in a manner of days. As successful as some companies were in switching to remote work, some employees still feel the difference between the office and their home setups. Ideally, there shouldn’t be a difference: connectivity, logins, etc. should be seamless. IT teams are feeling the pressure of the remote workforce, as well. According to the VMware Global Security Insights Report 2021, 78% of polled CISOs said cyberattacks increased as a result of working from home. The solution to both access and security problems: a digital workspace. 

Most organizations are on a path toward a hybrid work future, so investing in a comprehensive digital workspace is the key to success. A frictionless employee experience allows people to spend less time battling with remote apps and more time on critical business operations and innovation. Also, when companies are confident in their remote work experience, they can support current employees and feel comfortable recruiting new talent who live further afield.  

At the Solution Keynote: The Future of Hybrid Work Made Possible Today – VMware Anywhere Workspace [VI3130], SVP and GM of VMware end-user computing, Shankar Iyer will present the potential hurdles of hybrid work and how to overcome them. VMware Anywhere Workspace may be the integrated solution to securing endpoints and creating a frictionless remote workspace. 


The VMware Global Security Insights Report also revealed that 56% of the polled CIO, CTOs, and CISOs said that security concerns are holding them back from embracing AI and machine learning-based apps to improve customer services and their digital experience. This shocking statistic shows that gaps in security are preventing businesses from moving forward with initiatives that could directly impact their revenue. 

Complexity is the enemy of security. The key to improving security is making it simpler and faster. Zero Trust and building security directly into applications go a long way to simplifying security protocols. Responsiveness is integral to security. The quicker a security infrastructure identifies a cyberthreat, the faster it can shut it down and minimize damage. Connecting control points makes security faster and smarter.  

The Global Security Insights Report found that 61% of technology leaders say they need to view security differently because their attack surface has expanded due to the remote workforce. Tune into SVP/GM, Networking and Security Business Unit, Thomas Gillis and SVP/GM Security Business Unit, Patrick Morley’s Solution Keynote: Simplify Security [SEC2732]. The session will cover the current cyberthreat landscape and how security as a distributed service and connecting control points are key to making security simpler, faster, and smarter. 


When CIOs have confidence in all of the above – cloud and apps, distributed work experience, and security – they can innovate more freely. When innovation budgets are tight, CIOs must work with their teams to be as efficient as possible and choose their innovation projects wisely. Consider moving forward with innovation projects that will result in the most dramatic ROI. For example, customer experience was paramount in 2020 and will likely hold the key to future success. 

Solution Keynote: What’s Next? A Look Inside VMware’s Innovation Engine [VI3091] provides a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon for VMware. Edge computing, security, machine learning, and other dynamic technology spheres are teeming with exciting innovation opportunities. CTO Kit Colbert and I will lead the session and reveal new technology at this VMworld CTO keynote. The keynote will showcase five technology demos that highlight breakthrough new solutions emerging from the VMware Office of the CTO in partnership with VMware R&D business units.  

VMware innovations are driven by the spirit of continuous calibration with our customers, and I’m hopeful that you’ll be as excited as we are about our future together. VMworld is not just an innovation conference, but also a celebration of our collaboration and partnership. I hope to virtually see you there! 

Learn more at VMworld 2021

Hundreds of hours of practical knowledge, hands-on labs, and technology demos await you at VMworld 2021. Beyond that, this event is an excellent networking opportunity to connect with the brightest in the field. Finally, the session schedule is packed, but there will still be time for games, entertainment, and surprise guests

Join your peers at VMworld 2021 for valuable expert insights and inspiration on how you can confidently optimize your business with technology.