Future of Work

Empowering the Future of Work for an ‘Anywhere Workforce’

Over the course of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed the rapid transformation of work as many organizations pivoted to a distributed workforce model. Now that we’re two years into this significant transition, what are the implications that CIOs and the C-suite should consider next on their journey?

How have employees weathered this shift? How can organizations continue to undertake and support digital transformation with less friction to both the enterprise and the employee experience? Moreover, how can forward-thinking executive leaders utilize this opportunity to reimagine their core business model?

Our new eBook, “Empower the Future of Work with Digital Workspace Solutions,” explores these questions, and highlights the compelling and thought-provoking insights of market study findings from globally recognized management consultants, leading business technology industry analysts and other subject matter experts:

  • The worldwide quest for digital business growth
  • The enablement of corporate sustainability and profitability
  • Digital experience impact on employee engagement
  • How a customized solution creates a unique strategic asset

From the eBook: “A purpose-built and thoughtfully implemented digital workspace solution is proven to create new and more effective ways of working, higher employee engagement and enhanced business agility within a distributed workforce.”