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Cloud Visibility Takes Gaming Business to the Next Level

From Rival Kingdoms and Transformers: Earth Wars to Fastland: Road to Revenge, Space Ape Games has been entertaining millions of gamers for nearly a decade. After recently releasing their Beatstar rhythm game, the company acknowledged how much it relies on VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront to keep games online—and gamers engaged.

As Space Ape Games CTO Nic Walker explains, “We just want to focus on making our games…a pianist doesn’t build their own piano; you’re mad if you’re running open-source software yourself, when someone else will run that for you. 

Tanzu Observability has helped Space Ape Games keep users captivated, wherever and whenever they happen to be playing. The company’s teams can quickly find potential issues during the game-testing process and rapidly resolve any problems that arise while games are running in production on AWS. 

This reliability has been invaluable to the company. Louis McCormack, devops lead engineer, says, “We’re able to ingest hundreds of thousands of metrics, and within seconds, see all of this data.”


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