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Multi-Cloud Strategies Speed Innovation and Business Growth

Today, CIOs are much more involved in developing business strategies, generating revenue and fostering partnerships. As such, recently VMware commissioned Forbes Insights to survey CIOs around the world and dive deeper into their evolving roles and new areas of focus.

Taking charge

We found that CIOs are growing their influence and impact across the enterprise, with a heavy focus on creating IT that inspires innovation across the organization. They’re also leading more initiatives and taking a larger part in developing corporate strategy.

Accelerating impact

To meet growing customer demands and innovate faster, most CIOs believe multi-cloud infrastructure is pivotal to success, particularly when it comes to business continuity.

Thinking big

Almost all CIOs surveyed expect to be using more than one cloud provider in the next five years, so it makes sense they’re also recognizing how critical it is to choose the right tools to support a multi-cloud strategy.

Looking forward

For details on evolving CIO priorities, download the “Multi-Cloud Strategies Speed Innovation and Business Growth” infographic.

Forbes CIO Research: Multi-Cloud Strategies Speed Innovation And Business Growth

Multi Cloud Strategies

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