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More Apps, More Opportunities: Why Tech Leaders Are Putting Apps First

It’s official: The shift toward developing modern apps and running them on multiple clouds is well underway. CIOs across North America, South America, Europe and APAC confirmed this in VMware’s recently commissioned Forbes Insights survey.1

Business goals and competitive pressures drive app growth

We learned that CIOs are evolving their app strategies to generate revenue and accelerate change—and they’re well aware of how critical modern apps are to business growth.

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Multiple apps bring challenges

However, our research found that operating multiple apps comes with challenges—the biggest being security. That said, these challenges are not slowing down forward-thinking CIOs.

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CIOs are shaping the future

For more details on how CIOs are driving modern apps in the multi-cloud era, download the “More Apps, More Opportunities: Why Tech Leaders Are Putting Apps First” infographic.

1 Forbes Insights, “The CIO of 2025: Leading Technology Driven Growth Across the Entire Organization,” 2022.