Innovating at the Speed of DevOps – Guest: Ashish Kakran, Principle of Thomvest Ventures

This conversation is part of our Lead/Forward series, where we talk with technology leaders about the real stories behind the themes of innovation, talent, and experience. In this episode, we interview Ashish Kakran, Principle of Thomvest Ventures to find out how his organization nurtures the future of technology and advancement by investing in companies to help them become leaders in their fields. During the discussion we tackle the technology challenges related to multi-cloud, including infrastructure, security in DevOps, and continually scaling workloads. We delve into how covid played a big role in speeding up the digital transformation, and how CSOs and CIOs are working to enable innovation without inhibiting applications or compromising their companies.


Time stamps:

01:00 Convergence of Security

05:15 View of the Market as an Investor

07:51 Multi-cloud Expansion and Usage

12:00 Multi-cloud logistics and security

15:30 Future dominance and structure of multi-cloud

18:00 AI and ML Impact on Customer Experience

23:00 Impact of Culture, Team Structure, and Tech on Customers

30:00 CIO and CSO Realignment Reservations

32:00 Transform or Die

34:00 CSOs with a Seat at the Table

36:00 Security Economics

37:00 What Companies are Doing Right and Wrong



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