Executive Perspectives

Neurothink Aims to Make Machine Learning ‘Radically Accessible’

Think you need to be a technology whiz to be able to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence? Machine learning company neurothink is challenging that assumption, aiming to make machine learning “radically accessible.”

Neurothink CEO Brian Rogers says, “What that means is, we’re providing a platform that’s giving much greater access to machine learning and artificial intelligence. No longer do you have to be just a data scientist, or mathematician, to do machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

COO Charles Donely says, “As machine learning continues to grow, you no longer have to custom create your solution anymore. … It’s going to be more about the application of machine learning in the future than it is about getting into the details of building it, because we’ll be building on top of layers of existing technology.”

Not only does neurothink want to break down barriers to people using AI/ML, they also want to put machine learning in hard-to-reach geographic locations. Donely notes, “We’ve been in discussions with technology partners where they’re trying to map the underwater ocean, or they want to be on another planet. And the reliability of their machine learning is absolutely paramount.”

Rogers sees a bright future with AI/ML, saying, “I believe that artificial intelligence will just continue to really help enhance all of our jobs, not necessarily take away our jobs, but give us the ability to do the things we really love to do.”