Removing Silos: Why The Developer Experience Matters – Guest: Tihomir Bajic, CEO of LTSE Software

This conversation is part of our Lead/Forward series, where we talk with technology leaders about the real stories behind the themes of innovation, talent, and experience. In this episode, we interview Tihomir Bajic, CEO of LTSE Software to find out more about the evolution of DevOps, and his vision for overcoming siloed developer, ops and security teams for fast, consistent and scalable operations across environments. He explains the importance of developer lifestyle and flexibility, to ensure they can remain effective while working in a supportive culture while the barriers between teams are removed. During the discussion Tiho expresses what he considers to be newer and better ways of measuring developer productivity. He tells us what he thinks about the developer and operations relationship, shedding light on how best they can integrate and interact to be influential on productivity, progress, and profitability. Tiho also delves into how LTSE is innovating investment, experimentation, and scaling for companies, in an effort to help them find continuous success.


Key Quotes:

“If you are a technology company, you’re focusing your innovation on technology. One of the most important things that you can think about is speed of development, and how fast you can get new products or changes out in the market, into the hands of the customers. And, what matters there is the people who are creating that code, who are creating that content; their ability to do so quickly, their ability to do so reliably and to be able to troubleshoot, test, engage, and monitor how the customers are working with what’s out there.”

“Software, writing code, it’s a craft. You develop your own jargon, and you need to engage with people who are creating, who are craft people, who are creating this valuable thing. You need to really study and understand and appreciate what they do and what’s needed for them to be successful in that craft.”


Time stamps:

01:30 Importance of the Developer Experience

04:00 Evolution of the Developer Lifestyle

11:30 Building Companies that Support Developer Lifestyle and Culture 

17:30 The DevOps Relationship, Culture, and Working Environment

24:00 Budget Authority and Responsibility

25:15 Innovation at LTSE

30:15 Developer Flexibility and Success

34:00 Developer Value



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