Managing Across Multiple Clouds and Taming the Chaos – Guests: Jeffrey Shaw, CIO and Dale Ramsey, VP of Cloud Infrastructure for Employers

What’s stopping your business from deploying applications 50% faster to increase market share and boost revenue? For Jeff Shaw, CIO of EMPLOYERS Insurance, it was finding the right place to run the right application with the agility and scalability of the cloud. This meant leveraging not one cloud, but multiple clouds to take advantage of the best tools that each one had to offer while at the same time, managing them as if they were one cloud. In this episode, Jeff is joined by his VP of Cloud Infrastructure Dale Ramsey and together they describe the journey they took to move all their applications off of aging infrastructure, and run them in multiple clouds while ensuring that everything worked together seamlessly. Throughout the conversation, we discuss the real challenges that the business faced when it came to evaluation, training teams, and executing what seemed, at first, to be impossible. During the discussion, Jeff reveals what he considers to be the key elements for successfully taking advantage of all the best tools of each cloud while ensuring that security and customer experience are not compromised. 



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