Mindshifts for Modernizing Applications – Guest: Ginna Raahauge, CIO at Zayo

This conversation is part of our Lead/Forward series, where we talk with technology leaders about the real stories behind the themes of innovation, talent, and experience. In this episode, we interview Ginna Raahauge, CIO at Zayo to find out more about the current state and future of the expanding definition of DevOps and what application modernization really means within the new environments the applications are being consumed. She explains how Covid has accelerated the diversification of application use in the office and at home. Ginna delves into the need for enhanced internet speed and bandwidth capabilities, as well as new considerations for implementing security measures earlier in the development process. She also talks about pushing further into the edge, scaling in the cloud, and the trials and tribulations of understanding legacy applications while investing in infrastructure and talent to upskill and modernize for the future. 


Key Quotes

“When you think about the infrastructure by which the foundation you are deploying your applications, the developers are really having to think about that differently, have more immersive conversations around what that architecture looks like, what the risks in that architecture are, or the assumptions that have really changed in their development aspects of that.”

“Developers are so much more closer to the impact of the experience, whether it’s consumer, partner, customer, or even end user inside like an employee experience. And, it just is becoming so much more blended and immersive.”

“We are still going through that transformation of really what is DevOps? We’ve been trained on the traditional or the more longstanding DevOps methods and agile taxonomy. But, I do think that it’s still early given the new environmentals of hybrid and just the pure consumption demand over more wavelength and 5G types of experiences, versus hard line experiences or fiber to the house. Not everybody has that.”

“I think that the definition of DevOps is expanding and getting bigger and we’re seeing where those edges are blending, and we have to think about some of those experiences in that and they have to develop differently.”


Time stamps:

01:15 Shift in Technological Acceleration and Application Performance

04:45 Breaking down Bandwidth

07:30 Developer Redevelopment of Approach

10:15 Evolution and Reskilling of DevOps

14:15 DevSecOps Considerations with User Experience

10:15 Future Developers Understanding Legacy

25:45 Producing New Ideas Without Old Constraints

29:15 DevOps and Cloud



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