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Stories of Innovation at the CIO level: What it Takes to Drive Tangible Results

The tech landscape is rife with opportunity as demand for high performing, secure digital experiences ratchet up and innovation shifts into overdrive. It’s an exciting time to be a CIO—if you’re equipped with a growth mindset, unafraid of the next dramatic change, willing to take calculated risks, and crave the weight of company growth resting firmly on your shoulders.

How Top CIOs View the Technology Landscape

As technology reshapes how we approach just about everything, executive leaders understand the urgent need to execute strategies unique to their IT environment—and there’s no time to waste. It’s not surprising that hybrid and remote employees make up more than half the current workforce and that a full return to office remains unwanted and unlikely1. Faced with challenges to ensure always-on, secure digital experiences across multiple internal and external audiences, we asked over 600 CIOs about plans to innovate and modernize their current IT landscape.2 With accelerated application delivery driving company growth, most are focused on cloud transformations, modernized app pipelines, and remote work initiatives.

Charting a Unique Course Through the Unknown

While no two CIOs are identical nor do they work in identical environments, common traits are associated with top performers. These traits include transformational leadership and communication skills, diplomacy while interacting across all levels of the organization, creating an innovation-first culture, and embracing company success as a holistic, group effort. In addition, they understand the value of partnerships internally and externally as a key to unlocking digital transformation strategies and ensure their technologists have tools and processes needed to accelerate innovation and map tech decisions to revenue goals. With these leaders in place, organizations are poised to reap the benefits across all lines of business.  

Collaboration Fuels Innovative Transformations

Tech executives understand the need to leverage expertise and diverse thinking to catalyze innovation and seek alliance relationships with companies, contractors, and consultants to support and secure their digital footprint. With an understanding that building a broader ecosystem boosts competitive strength and underpins growth, these leaders are leaning into synergistic relationships with others as a critical aspect of complex IT environments and aren’t missing a beat putting technology partnerships at the center of their transformation strategies. 

VMware and our partners collaborate with organizations to innovate transformations that empower technologists to deliver business priority-aligned results—faster, securely, and more efficiently. Discover more firsthand examples of the transformational experiences of our customers by downloading Leading Technology-Driven Growth, Stories of Customer Succeeding.

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