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Future of Work

The Key to Unlocking Outstanding Digital Employee Experiences

With the bulk of our recent global public health disruption in the rearview mirror, IT outsiders may assume CIOs have regained pre-pandemic digital transformation strides and its back to business as usual. But nothing is farther from the truth. For instance, the fight to attract and retain anywhere employees adds new challenges as lingering workplace disruptions up-level talent retention strategies across the entire digital employee experience (DEX). Without a clear route to resolution, more than 80% of organizations have deployed some version of a dedicated employee experience platform or are in the process of implementing or piloting one now1. However, most also acknowledge that the solution is not well integrated or comprehensive and with more than half of DEX buyers occupying ITOps leadership roles—it’s clear—technology is the new frontier of talent acquisition and retention.

In February 2022, we partnered with Forrester Consulting to explore benefits of a well-designed employee experience in an anywhere work environment. Here’s an overview of our findings:

Roadblocks to DEX Platform Adoption

As competition for remote talent surges, employee access to the right technology is paramount to attaining revenue growth—and yet major challenges across DEX technology solutions continue to block successful outcomes. Despite overwhelming agreement that remote-friendly technology bolsters staff morale and efficiency, lines of business are struggling to show tangible ROI to the C-suite. This is primarily due to their inability to correlate worker effectiveness with business outcomes without AI/ML enabled solutions to assist. Additionally, DEX management typically involves three or more unintegrated vendor solutions that literally can’t deliver a consolidated view. This vendor sprawl plus lack of integration further compounds challenges by increasing difficulty for root-cause analysis and support across disparate technologies.

Maximizing DEX Investments

Desperate to attract and retain top talent, organizations are committed to higher employee engagement, resilience, and security while supporting anywhere work. Focused on deploying end-to-end DEX solutions, these companies are committing 10% -25% of the IT budget to do so. That said, more than half (60%) of organizations expect to have a comprehensive DEX solution, including delivery, monitoring, analysis, and remediation by or before 2024. However, regardless of implementation being a given, staffing DEX analytics teams to help develop continuous improvement strategies remains a challenge that must be overcome to maximize IT investments. Ironically, investing in a comprehensive platform that enables automation and visibility to support success and productivity of DEX professionals, will most likely be the best solution for all employees.

The correlation between employee experience and customer experience is well documented and market leaders in all sectors are doubling down on both to gain traction. To learn more of our key DEX findings and recommendations from our partnership with Forrester Consulting, download the paper:

1. Forrester Consulting. “Optimizing Digital Employee Experience for Anywhere Work” April 2022