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Business Transformation

How Digital Workspace Intelligence Enhances Employee Experience

Business leaders that understand the causal link between employee experience and customer experience can benefit from a significant strategic advantage over their uniformed peer group.

That fact was made abundantly clear to me earlier in the year, as I reviewed the research findings from a market study that was reported in the Harvard Business Review1.

The market researchers wondered, if companies are proven to perform well on employee experience metrics, then do they also tend to perform well on customer experience metrics? They obtained three years of in-depth employee and financial data from a retailers’ 1,000+ store locations across the U.S. to perform their analysis. The business outcome is compelling.

“In fact, if an average store could move from the bottom quartile to the top quartile in each of the employee experience metrics we studied, they would increase their revenue by more than 50 percent, and profits by nearly as much.”

This result got me thinking about the broader implications for global business leaders in other industries. And more specifically, the online employee experience challenges and opportunities. So, I set out on a quest to gather and review all the related independent market research reports, and then summarize those findings. The top insights I discovered are as follows

Top 3 Challenges and Opportunities

  • Senior executives crave an online employee experience that delivers a superior value proposition which retains key talent, and makes it easier to recruit the best people.
  • Leaders new to the concept of employee experience don’t know where to begin. They seek information and guidance from proven practitioners that have prior knowledge.
  • Employers need actionable data and insights to reimagine and craft the employee experience to help generate higher engagement, satisfaction, and strategic alignment.

Business Case for Employee Experience Intelligence

How do market leaders gain momentum and support for their employee experience leadership initiatives? Remember a fundamental principle of budgeting, what gets measured gets funded. That’s why the trailblazers have invested in actionable employee experience data analytics.

Here’s a list of key proof points that I’ve gleaned for planning purposes. Consider this when developing online employee experience objectives, as your business outcome aspirations.

  • Companies that invest in employee experience are proven to be 4 times more profitable than those who have yet to apply this effort to their competitive growth strategies.
  • Advanced experience analytics and actions have the highest impact on overall business outcomes, followed by advanced knowledge systems and adaptive learning tools.
  • Companies that use advanced experience analytics are 7.3 times more likely to engage and retain high-performance employees, when compared to the industry peer group.
  • Organizations that positively resolve employee experience challenges with analytics can improve efficiency by up to 15 percent, and increase profitability by 25 percent.
  • Companies in the top quartile on employee experience deliver 66 percent more digital workspace capacity to their employees than companies in the bottom quartile.

IT support systems are essential for enabling these desired business outcomes, because when workers can easily stay in their online workflow to get support for a problem or issue, they will continue to be productive. Examining user experience data can prevent issues before they surface, enabling business leaders to take preemptive action to prevent employee attrition.

Why Unified Digital Workspace Solutions Matter

A typical day of working online includes accessing multiple systems and tools that are essential to modern workflow for both mobile frontline employees and desk-bound knowledge workers. However, the disjointed user experience from that cluster of apps can insert friction.

Let’s explore the benefits of delivering a unified well-designed and differentiated online employee experience within a distributed workforce that has adopted flexible working.

These benefits are a holistic solution for remote workers that enhances IT efficiency, speeds issue remediation, decreases IT security threats, and enhances the worker’s user experience.

Improving the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) of an anywhere workforce is imperative for forward-looking companies to maintain a productive and engaged workforce while online.

View a brief video introduction on how a DEX solution can delight employees and IT teams.

Here’s some key HR metrics to consider: How much is it worth to your organization to reduce the avoidable turnover of top talent? What about to improve online employee experience satisfaction scores? How much is it costing your organization not to know these answers?

A Proven Anywhere Workspace Solution

Imagine a world where a superior online employee experience helps your IT organization to energize both frontline employees and knowledge workers, on any device and at any location.

If you want to improve your employee’s daily online journey, their day-to-day app usage routines, and how IT can resolve issues in support of a better work experience, we can help.

“It’s all about simplification, we wanted to take our point tools and provide a consistent experience for both IT and users across all devices.”

John Mockett, Director of Employee Technology and Support, Adobe

The Benefits of DEX Insights, Analytics and Automation

By aggregating, correlating, and analyzing data from multiple internal and external sources, you can apply a comprehensive solution that delivers advanced dashboards and reports to help you visualize the state of your individual and collective employee’s digital workspace.

Together, these capabilities enhance digital user experience and strengthen security across the entire digital workspace environment. Explore the possibilities. Your organization can join the global leaders who are already equipped with a modern digital workspace solution.

“Optimizing Digital Employee Experience for Anywhere Work” is a global report analyzing how a holistic, integrated DEX solution drives employee productivity, efficiency, and engagement. The survey, conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by VMware, collected data from 537 global IT decision-makers and influencers.

Get the whole story, download the report to learn more: Optimizing Digital Employee Experience for Anywhere Work

  1. HBR: How Employee Experience Impacts Your Bottom Line