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The Digital Employee Experience Movement: 4 Findings for CIOs

As businesses face the reality of distributed workforce, digital employee experience (DEX) has become an important movement. Today’s leaders are recognizing that the right DEX solutions can increase productivity, enable faster issue remediation, and drive higher employee engagement—all while mitigating security risks. A greater percentage of annual budgets is now being dedicated to DEX as a result.

A recent survey of 537 global IT decision-makers and influencers—conducted by Forrester Consulting—explored the challenges and benefits of a well-designed employee experience in an anywhere-work environment.

DEX Concerns and Challenges

The fast-paced shift to hybrid work has introduced new challenges for DEX decision-makers. While most have started their DEX journey, they report that their DEX solution is not well integrated due to issues such as multiple vendors and solution sprawl. The highest-rated concerns with DEX include cost, root cause analysis, and issue remediation.

Organizations also face the challenge of translating DEX investments into tangible business outcomes, often because disparities in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities result in insufficient data. They report that remediation is manual and time consuming. Only 45% agreed they can predict technology issues and remediate them ahead of time using AI/ML.

Another issue is the skills gap, which inhibits ROI. Only 57% said they are satisfied that they have the right organization in place to capitalize on DEX.

Four Integral Components of DEX Solutions

What are decision-makers looking for from DEX solutions? The findings revealed that two thirds of those surveyed prioritize holistic DEX solutions that offer these four integral components:

  • Experience delivery
  • Analysis
  • Experience measurement
  • Remediation

Survey respondents overwhelmingly agreed that when it comes to DEX, the positive experiences organizations can create lead to improved results – most notably by promoting employee engagement, improving business resiliency, and reducing security vulnerabilities.

The bottom line is, when DEX investments are optimized, they drive productivity, retention and revenue.

See what else the survey uncovered about the DEX movement, including what’s working and what’s not. View the infographic here.

*Executive summary data: 42% of respondents are using 3-5 vendors to support their DEX,

19% are using 6-10, and 3% are using more than 10.

** Decision-makers responding that the issue is “extremely challenging” or “very challenging.”

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