Industry Experts Share What’s Next with Supercloud and Multi-Cloud

Two topics that emerged as top of mind for CIOs in 2022 were supercloud and multi-cloud.  Recently on the CIO Exchange podcast, VMware leaders along with other industry experts shared their perspectives on what’s working, what’s not, what’s hype, and what’s next when it comes to these technology categories.

We invite you to take a listen as theCUBE’s Dave Vellante and John Furrier host the five engaging podcasts highlighted below, originally recorded at Supercloud 22:

What Is the Supercloud Opportunity?         

The term supercloud is used to describe an abstraction layer that resides above and across hyperscale cloud infrastructure, connects on-premises workloads and eventually stretches to the edge. In this episode, theCUBE hosts sit down with VMware VP of Cross-Cloud Services Vittorio Viarengo to focus on the opportunities and challenges facing the thousands of companies on this journey. They describe how the supercloud hides the underlying primitives and APIs of the respective cloud vendors and creates a new connection layer across locations with a common experience.

Supercloud – Real or Hype?

What are the new or the future industry problems that the supercloud should solve? In this episode, theCUBE hosts sit down with Will LaForest, Field CTO at Confluent: David McJannet, CEO of Hashicorp; and Vittorio Viarengo, VP of Cross-Cloud Services, VMware. During the panel conversation, they debate whether or not supercloud is just another name for multi-cloud or for SaaS, or if it is truly a new category and architecture that creates value for organizations and requires innovation.

Securing the Supercloud

The proliferation of containerized workloads, APIs, VMs and databases distributed across clouds presents a formidable security challenge. In this episode, theCUBE hosts moderate an esteemed panel that explores not only how the cloud has become the first line of defense for CISOs, but also how that defense shield will maintain consistency across clouds. In addition, they cover how DevSecOps has become a key pivot point to connect strategy with execution. These dynamics are changing organizational roles amid the growing attack surface, driving the need to ensure a strong, consistent security posture across multiple private, public, hybrid and edge clouds.

The Multi-cloud Roadmap and the Gateway to Supercloud

According to VMware research, 81% of large organizations plan to be multi-cloud by 2024. But using multiple clouds creates complexity because each cloud runs in a silo, with its own development and operating model, taxonomy, services, APIs, management tools and required skill sets. That’s why we are seeing the rise of superclouds, where cloud operations from public, on-premise and edge all work together at scale using cloud-native services powering new modern applications.

In this episode, theCUBE hosts talk to VMware CTO Kit Colbert to get his perspective on the technology required to break down the siloed walls, allowing all clouds to participate with developer access to the cloud-native services they need.

Supercloud Enablers and Blockers

In this episode, theCUBE hosts hold a roundtable discussion with VMware CTO Kit Colbert and other leaders to discuss recommended technical considerations for today’s Kubernetes and supercloud strategies. They also cover potential alternatives to Kubernetes that organizations should consider and if Kubernetes is the disruptive enabler for supercloud.

Each podcast interview outlined above provides insights into the strategies and solutions that are changing the game for CIOs as their cloud initiatives progress. All five are recommended listening for those preparing for Supercloud 2, January 17-18, 2023.