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NVIDIA on AI: It’s Enterprise Ready for Every Developer and Every Organization

It may have been Netflix that sparked widespread consumer awareness of AI with its famous recommendation engine, but businesses of all kinds are now employing similar strategies to serve their customers. They are using AI to help customers discover which products are the best match for them, and to price those products appropriately and dynamically.

Today we are seeing AI power enterprise savings and growth. The momentum is building rapidly and business leaders are seeking to understand how to not only enable developers creating new AI applications but to also infuse AI into existing applications. At NVIDIA, we help our customers do both.

John Fanelli, Vice President, Enterprise Software, NVIDIA

As organizations move from development to the production phase, they are finding they can use AI inferencing to answer questions and provide guidance to their customers. The aim is to do that in a way that is highly performant and backed by the enterprise support required to ensure new AI solutions align with today’s low-cost and high-performing best practices. This is another area where NVIDIA can help.

No matter where you are at in adopting AI, what’s clear is that it is ready to deliver value to businesses of all sizes. It has reached a tipping point: it is becoming democratized.

One of the popular misconceptions about AI is that when you bring it into your environment everything needs to change. Many people assume that even a small adoption requires massive institutional change. This usually isn’t the case. Companies like NVIDIA have shifted this reality. Organizations are now able to adopt AI, often with minimal changes to existing infrastructure, for both small and large implementations.

Yes, you need to add a few things to make your AI really rock and be highly performant but your processes, architecture, data center, cloud strategy (including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud) — all of these pieces that you already have — support AI today     .

However, while many companies have bought into the idea of using AI, many others don’t know where or how to start. Sometimes when I’m speaking with customers they have questions about how AI fits architecturally into their data center. They want to know if AI needs to be a component and how it aligns with their application strategy.               

The NVIDIA perspective is that AI should be integrated across all of a company’s platforms and all of its technology, as you would do with any other strategy. And if this process feels complicated, there is no need to worry, as AI should come with all the support, tools and expertise that allow your company to move forward quickly and confidently.

For example, in addition to providing access to enterprise support, NVIDIA also provides cloud-native AI workflows with pre-packaged reference examples that help organizations accelerate development of AI solutions — like customer service virtual assistants, digital call transcripts, and digital fingerprinting for security. These workflows are included with our AI enterprise software and available on NVIDIA NGC. They come with pre-trained models, training, inference pipelines, Jupyter notebooks and helm charts that enable developers to expedite the path to delivering successful AI outcomes.

Today, there is no reason to delay your AI journey. Getting started has become easier than ever, and the rewards, including enterprise savings and growth, are there for the taking.

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