The Challenge of Cloud Compliance and Security – Guest: Hillery Hunter, GM and CTO at IBM Cloud

Understanding the use of cloud, its context, and how things are quickly changing is top of mind for many companies today. Safety of information and management of risks are paramount when trying to keep up with the changes, while also making sure to not slow down important and necessary workflows. When it comes to compliance and security, Hillery Hunter has visibility across the challenges and success of some of the largest companies across multiple industries.

In this episode, we interview the GM of Industry Clouds and Solutions and  CTO at IBM Cloud to learn more about storing sensitive data in the cloud. Hillery explains how radical cloud models can work to your advantage, including co-design and approaching compliance as a group. During the discussion, she names some challenges of cloud adoption, then describes how to overcome those barriers. Hillery also describes the best cloud adoption practices she’s seen over the course of her career, and why these transformations are so important to the success of a business. 


Key Quotes:

“It’s not just whether or not somebody has a cloud certification, right? It’s the context in which they’re doing their work and it’s the skills of the CISO organization, it’s the skill of the risk management organization, et cetera, in understanding the cloud context and how all those things are changing and have to be measured differently as well.”

“Make sure that public cloud is an appropriate landing place even for the most sensitive data.  It is possible to take this security and compliance and put it into structured programs and ways of protecting things on the cloud. So that all of these inherent barriers to adoption can be overcome.”

“When the metric is too narrow, and placed only on the IT organization for the outcomes of a cloud migration, you miss the opportunity to be talking about end to end value creation… When you’re doing that, then everyone understands that the cloud migration and digital transformation is in service of a higher level objective, and it’s not just trying to save money on the HR system or something else like that.”

“When you make a public cloud choice, industry cloud contextualizes the requirements of that industry. It includes things like security and compliance, and enables the public cloud to be a safe enough and compliant enough place for you to grab other content that lives there. It also allows you to move your data there and trust that you are still upholding your responsibilities.”


Time stamps:

2:00 Barriers to cloud adoption

3:00 Managing security and controls

4:50 Cloud migration pitfalls

5:20 Cloud adoption can be transformative

7:30 Committees can lead a successful cloud deployment

9:50 Creating an objective for cloud adoption

11:20 Making the cloud a safe space for data

13:20 Dealing with disruptors

15:15 Exploring what’s available in cloud

17:00 Establishing trust in the industry

19:40 Taking it to the board

20:40 Future opportunities for cloud



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