Future of Work Executive Perspectives

Lumen: The Network as the Lens for the Future of Work

At a time when the way business gets done has changed dramatically, Lumen Technologies is in a unique position to envision what’s next for the future of work. Through its fiber-based network – one of the largest and most powerful in the world – it not only delivers speed, connectivity and scalability, but also uncovers important insights into traffic patterns, trends and customer challenges.

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Dave Shacochis, Vice President, Enterprise Product Planning, Lumen

With operations in more than 60 countries, Lumen enables businesses, government entities and communities with capabilities for providing amazing experiences using its high-speed, secure platform for next-gen apps and data. Its company and culture are guided by the belief that humanity is at its best when technology advances the way people live and work.

Lumen Vice President of Enterprise Product Planning Dave Shacochis says that, in business, managers are the people who drive how culture gets implemented. Moving forward, he believes the key for most CIOs is going to be designing a set of technologies, practices and processes that they can roll down to individual managers. This will “let managers design the right culture that fits their team while still being held accountable for what they need to produce for the business,” he says.

Cloud technologies and services are playing a critical role as hybrid work models continue to advance. Dave points out that the discipline they unleash and the value they bring to the market — in terms of product design and enabling connectivity between workers and workloads through unified communications and dynamic networking technologies — have been transformative.

As CIOs look at designing the future of work, Lumen is demonstrating that cloud is the lever while the network is not only the workhorse, but also the lens, providing valuable, real-time insights into the hybrid workplace demands of both today and tomorrow. Watch the video to hear more from Dave about Lumen, its network and his perspective on the future of work.