Building The Resilient Organization – with Dale Aultman, VP & GM of Infrastructure Solutions Group Services at Lenovo

As-a-service models can help companies become more agile, which may provide more choices for digital solutions. Lenovo helps their clients build digital resiliency through application changes, leveraging cloud, and narrowing the IT skill gap.

Yadin speaks with Dale Aultman, VP & GM of Infrastructure Solutions Group Services at Lenovo. Dale has almost 30 years of experience in IT strategy, execution and leadership. She helps Lenovo create as-a-service solutions, smarter technology, and go-to-market maintenance support. In this episode, Dale describes the importance of digital resiliency, the success of as-a-service models, and leveraging hybrid cloud for consistent operation models.


Key Quotes:

“From an as-a-service model, whether it be cloud or on-prem, you can better align your cost to your needs and use it to help you become more agile… I think that there’s some interesting models from a cloud standpoint and from an as-a-service standpoint that can help clients navigate where they need to go and where they need to make some of those transitions from a digitization standpoint.”

“If you want to take advantage of cloud, can your applications be migrated to cloud? There’s a lot of legacy infrastructure out there, from even a cloud standpoint. What if you put something on a public cloud and all of a sudden your costs go up to X? These are real things that we’ve seen in the industry.”

“A lot of clients are trying to align their cost with usage. And be able to leverage the latest technology, but also put their workloads in the right place. So if you think about things from a workload standpoint, that’s really the starting point, as far as the needs for different workloads. Some are gonna work great in the public cloud, some of them are gonna be more expensive in the public cloud. So how do you look at a hybrid option to give you the economics of paying as you go? Aligning your cost with your usage and go into more of a hybrid model that allows you to take advantage of public cloud?

“It’s not just about hybrid cloud, it’s also about digital work for solutions. And then frankly, while as-a-service will grow, it will probably grow faster than traditional IT. We also have a really good business in traditional IT. So it is about providing choice, and then it’s about partnering with the industry leaders.”

“I don’t think that there’s gonna be a one size fits all. I think it is about providing choice. It’s gonna be about providing flexibility. And it’s gonna be about helping clients fill those skill gaps when they identify that they just need to focus on higher value.”

“CIOs are looking at hybrid cloud. I think there’s a good reason for that. They wanna leverage the best of both. Where can they get the most benefit out of public cloud? And when can they get the most benefit of keeping something on-prem?  DevOps may be something that just makes sense to be able to use public cloud for. Developing in a cloud native way helps set clients up for the future. Where can they get the best of both worlds? As well as the security that they need at the right cost point.”


Time stamps:

01:47 Risks of ignoring digital resiliency

03:44 Success of as-a-service models

04:59 Challenges of becoming more resilient

07:48 What should companies prioritize?

12:56 How IT leaders can enact change

16:09 The skill gap issue

23:44 Leveraging hybrid cloud

25:44 Consistent operational models

28:47 Successfully deploying cloud

30:43 Where to connect with Dale



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