Podcast: 5 Strategies for Moving from Complexity to Coherency with Multi-Cloud

It’s no secret that multi-cloud deployments have become increasingly common over the past few years. In fact, VMware research shows that 87% of enterprises are using two or more public clouds to build, manage or run applications.1

Whether this is intentional or the result of corporate acquisitions or “shadow IT” projects, organizations of all types and sizes can experience challenges in managing and securing their workloads.

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Unpacking these challenges was the focus of a recent CCS Insight podcast episode, which brought together four multi-cloud thought leaders:

  • Amanda Blevins, VMware Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Americas
  • Richard Munro from the VMware Office of the CTO for Strategy and Operations
  • James Sanders, Principal Analyst of Cloud and Infrastructure at CCS Insight
  • Clive Howard, CTO for Huozhi and associate analyst at CCS Insight

The panel discussed five strategies for multi-cloud success:

  1. Employ correct organizational and operational approaches. Explore options for delivering and implementing a multi-cloud strategy, such as how to review existing cloud services and provide internal customers with flexibility while maintaining control.
  2. Choose between a single multi-cloud service vs. multiple cloud services. Organizations should consider the advantages of a single multi-cloud service offering as well as the benefits of individual proprietary cloud services.

The biggest challenges are non-technical, and the main one is resisting that you are in a multi-cloud state and determine to take advantage of it.

Multicloud Complexity to Multicloud Coherency,” CCS Insight and VMware. February 2023.1
  • Exercise spending control. To keep spend in check, leaders can turn to cloud financial operations and compliance with security, quotas and business policies.
  • Reduce complexity. Complexity abounds in multi-cloud environments. One way leaders can reduce it is by determining if a best-of-breed service is necessary to solve business challenges.
  • Overcome talent gaps. Ongoing talent gaps are common. Every organization needs to adopt well-thought-out strategies for acquiring, training and retaining talent.

For a deep dive into these five strategies along with further strategic and tactical guidance from these same thought leaders, download the February 2023 CCS companion report, “Multicloud Complexity to Multicloud Coherency,” produced in collaboration with VMware.

1. VMware FY23 H1 Benchmark, May 2022; N=1080 Enterprise (5000+ employee) Technology Decision Maker