Customer Zero – Business Model Transformation

This is the first of a series entitled “Customer Zero” where we talk with the member of the VMware IT leadership team who are the first to use the products that our engineering teams produce. Through conversations with IT and engineering, we see how they are leveraging the technology to solve the same hard problems our customers are challenged with. From Multi-cloud complexity and app modernization to the needs of the new workforce, we hear how they are changing IT and the business.

In this episode, we hear from VMware’s VP/Global Head of Engineering Roopa Raj and VP of Product Management, IT and Digital Transformation Satya Jena as they discuss business model transformation—what it is, and how VMware is changing mindsets and meet shifting needs. They talk about the importance of changing the business and not just transforming the technology. We discuss the importance of agility and how to address critical shifts needed in the mindset of the organization.



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